WR Jerry Jeudy, Alabama*

6’1” – 192 lbs.

Worked into the offense for 14-264-2 (18.9) as a freshman, then stepped into a starting role and went 68-1,315-14 (19.3). Put together a 77-1,163-10 (15.1) junior campaign before declaring for the draft. Has adequate size/length for a pro receiver. Often lines up on the inside, whether in the slot or tight to the formation to help with blocking duties on rushing downs; Alabama often sent the wide receiver to the outside of him in motion, leaving him as the outermost receiver from more of a slot look. Also took some snaps further out, including on the line of scrimmage in more of a split end look. Overall speed is solid and came down with the occasional deep post, but does a lot of his work on short and intermediate routes; relies on his route-running ability to create separation. Releases into the flats, runs ins and outs, curls, makes himself available for screens, and other patterns of that nature; route tree is actually pretty extensive. Choppy footwork to free himself at the line against press. Long-strider who can eat up cushions relatively quickly, and who does a good job of shifting gears, stutter-stepping, and working in head fakes to break down opposing cornerbacks at the route stem. Sinks his hips into breaks and has some explosiveness to create separation for timing-based completions. Maintains inside positioning when crossing over the middle of the field; very good intermediate catch-and-run target with a little room to work with. Doesn’t have the widest catch radius but appears to have pretty reliable hands within his frame; did see one focus drop against Auburn. Physical after the catch; not afraid to throw a shoulder into an opponent and attempt to pick up a few extra yards after contact. Consequently, was often fed the ball on swing screens and other shorter throws designed to get him in space. Plus blocker who gets the most from what size he has; wide receiver coaches will fall in love with how he approaches his duties in the run/screen games. Aggressive when stalking opponents in space, with good physicality and above-average contact strength for his size. Gets good extension and works hard to sustain through the whistle. A pro-ready receiver who was asked to do a lot of different things in college and who performed his duties with physicality and attention to detail. His overall tools are solid if not elite, and he should be able to come in and contribute to a team right away, traits which it appears will make him a first-round pick.

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