WR Laviska Shenault Jr., Colorado*

6’2” – 220 lbs.

Played sparingly as a freshman (7-168-0), then took over a starting role the following year and posted an outstanding line of 86-1,011-6 (11.8), also adding five rushing touchdowns on seventeen attempts. Production dropped off this past season, but still managed to finish with 56-764-4 (13.6) and two rushing touchdowns. Usually (but not exclusively) lines up on the left side of the formation, taking snaps both on the line of scrimmage and a couple of yards back; will also align tight to the formation or in the slot at times. Long-strider with solid build-up speed; teams often respected him by playing their cornerbacks well off the line of scrimmage, although most of his targets were on shorter passes. However, seemed to have a little bit of trouble separating from defenders who played him more closely, and doesn’t have a ton of explosiveness out of his stance. Runs routes to different levels of the field, and is willing to cross over the middle as well, sometimes out of the slot. Not as much of a deep threat; might be at his best when running shallow crosses, whip routes, and out-in moves underneath the defense, targets which give him a chance to work with the ball in his hands. Does a good job of finding and settling into soft spots in zone coverage to create easy completions. Big body makes him a threat to pick up additional yards after the catch. Has some shake to make defenders miss in the open field and is also capable of running through arm tackles. Does a good job of fighting for extra yards. When targeted in tight coverage, demonstrates solid concentration and strong hands to come down with passes in traffic. Makes good adjustments to the ball and is capable of scooping up passes away from his frame or snatching high throws from the air. Pretty good at drawing pass-interference calls. Also carried the ball as a wildcat quarterback at times. Not as physical as expected when stalk-blocking; would like to see more dedication to sustaining his blocks and using his size to overpower smaller cornerbacks. Doesn’t always look like he’s going full speed when attempting to engage opponents in space. Reliable possession receiver who comes with two years of production and combines a pretty big, powerful build with solid ball skills and physical run-after-catch ability, but who isn’t a major threat to take the top off of a defense. Generally considered a first-round possibility, but it’s possible to imagine him slipping into the second.

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