RB Anthony McFarland Jr., Maryland**

5’8” – 208 lbs.

Missed the final season of his high school career due to injury, then redshirted in 2017. Started five of ten games as a redshirt freshman, rushing for 131-1,034-4 (7.9). Appeared in eleven games this past year, but saw his output drop to 114-614-8 (5.4); decided to forego his final two seasons of eligibility and declare for the draft. Also caught 24 passes over the past two years. On the smaller side for a running back, which may be a concern given the injury he sustained in high school; also wasn’t a particularly high-volume runner in college. Played in an offense which saw him taking a lot of snaps out of shotgun formations, but would occasionally rush out of single-back looks. At his best when he’s rushing off-tackle and able to get into some space to work with, but also has pretty good footwork to make cuts and slide into open rushing lanes between the tackles. Has a pretty violent running style, accelerating quickly with impressive burst in the hole and enough speed to beat defenders to the sidelines or pick up chunks of yardage. However, doesn’t have a ton of power to pick up additional yardage after contact or punch in touchdowns near the goal line; needs to get a head of speed before he’s able to break tackles. Does work to twist for additional yardage when hit and can be hard to bring down once he gets to the second level, where he is capable of running through arm tackles or dragging defenders. On the shorter side, but can run a little bit high at times, exposing his body to contact. Overall vision and balance are just adequate. Ball security leaves a little bit to be desired; over 269 career touches, fumbled four times. On tape, can be seen carrying the ball in the wrong hand at times. Wasn’t really utilized much as a receiver, more frequently being retained in pass protection, but did take the occasional snap aligned as a receiver and actually appears to have pretty good footwork at the route stem. Does a good job of staying on his feet and engaging opponents with his arms, although he’s not the most physical or powerful blocker and can be put on skates at times given his below-average contact strength. Needs to improve his overall balance and hand use as a blocker. Had a disappointing redshirt sophomore campaign and isn’t the biggest, most powerful, or most versatile back in the class, but runs the ball with a likable combination of urgency and violence and demonstrates impressive burst in the hole. Those traits could make him a mid-round pick.

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