RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Vanderbilt

5’10” – 214 lbs.

Originally attended the University of Illinois, playing two seasons there. Has been a major contributor for three of his four seasons in college, beginning with his 157-723-6 (4.6) line as a freshman at Illinois back in 2015. Saw his usage slip as a sophomore, finishing with 60-301-3 (5.0) before redshirting the following season while transferring to Vanderbilt. Led the team in rushing as a junior with a 157-1,244-12 (7.9) line, then went 198-1,028-9 (5.2) this past year. Caught 38 passes over his first three seasons, then 29 last year. Has a pretty solid build for a pro running back. Played on a team that had him running out of both shotgun and single-back looks. Wastes little time getting upfield when asked to run between the tackles; smoother than he is explosive, but has pretty impressive build-up speed to hit home runs when he’s able to find a hole. Does a good job of running behind his pads, and although he’s not overwhelmingly powerful, fights for additional yardage with active feet and decent overall lower-body strength. Has good vision to recognize cutback lanes, with the footwork to make the appropriate cuts and bounce runs to the outside. Shows some violence in space, with the ability to run through tackle attempts from linebackers and defensive backs once he’s built up a head of steam. Production can come in bursts, with a handful of short or negative gains and then a big run to offset them. Ball security appears to be about average, with seven fumbles over 638 career touches. Pass protection technique is generally impressive, although his physicality can leave a little bit to be desired. Can lapse into going low at times, but usually stays on his feet, gets his knees bent, and takes on opposing rushers with his hands. At his best, shows the alertness and lateral quickness to obstruct opposing pass-rushers, although it would be nice to see more consistent aggressiveness. Was not used too frequently as a receiver but has generally reliable hands, although he can struggle to adjust to poorly-thrown balls; took some strides toward being more integrated into the passing game this past year. Put together two impressive seasons on a team that wasn’t always able to put a lot of talent around him, combining good speed, a physical running style, and good blitz pickup skills. Given those traits, it looks like he might be able to secure a place in the mid-rounds.

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