CB Cameron Dantzler, Mississippi St.*

6’2” – 185 lbs.

Redshirted, then appeared in all thirteen games the following year, with 25 tackles and an interception. Stepped into the starting lineup the following year and allowed just a 41.1 passer rating against, without a touchdown; had 43 tackles, nine breakups, and two interceptions that year. Had a 57.0 rating against over the nine games he played in as a junior, along with 40 tackles, eight breakups, and two interceptions. Tall, lanky cornerback who added ten pounds of bulk this past year but is still on the thin side. Played a lot of press-man, off-man, and shuffle on the short side of the defense, and would even be in press looks playing downhill off the edge when no receiver was lined up opposite him. Overall temperament in coverage is conservative; keeps things in front of him to limit big plays, although he can be targeted on some shorter rhythm-based throws when playing in off-coverage. Wasn’t asked to backpedal too frequently but has good footwork to match both inside and outside releases at the line; backpedal itself looks a little bit high, but that was based on a small sample size. Playing closer to his opponent, is able to use his length to get his hands on opponents and feel their routes developing. Does a good job of using the sideline to his advantage, pinning receivers to the boundary. Also looks good when he’s able to play a little bit off and keep the play in front of him. Covers a lot of ground when playing shuffle technique. Instincts are a plus. Recognizes patterns quickly, plants and drives effectively, and can make timely tackles or break up passes. Contact strength is lacking because of his thin frame, but actually does a pretty good job of defending the run. Has good awareness to break off of his man and come up to make tackles in the run game. Keeps his head up and gets his arms extended when dealing with stalk blockers, locking them out of his body, although his anchor leaves a little bit to be desired. Would like to see him engaging with more consistent wrap technique; tends to be a little bit of an ankle-swiper, although he does have an impressive radius and is willing to stick his nose in. Flexibility and closing speed allowed him to create some disruption off the edge as well. Having missed a few games this past season, teams may have some concerns about his durability. One of the most impressive corners in this year’s class on tape, he is a tall, long-limbed boundary defender with very good pattern-recognition skills and flexibility, traits which could make him a starter. Should be off the board within the first couple of rounds.

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