DB Ashtyn Davis, California

6’1” – 200 lbs.

Was also an All-American hurdler on the track team. Former walk-on who redshirted in his first season, then started the final three of twelve games played the following year, appearing on special teams as well. Started the final six of twelve games played at safety the following year, also serving as the team’s primary kick returner. Started all twenty-four games he played in over the two subsequent seasons, posting 56 tackles, five breakups, and four interceptions as a junior and 57 tackles, four breakups, and two interceptions as a senior. Added ten pounds of bulk this year, and his overall size is now in line with pro requirements. Often plays as a high safety in a lot of cover-one looks; will also come down closer to the line and help cover receivers against some formations. Looks like he has the raw athleticism to handle high zones at the next level; straight-line speed is very good. Balance and footwork in his backpedal look good; transitions well from backpedaling to driving on a spot. Provides adequate coverage when working against opposing receivers, looking alert and light on his feet. Has quick feet when shuffling and looks pretty fluid opening his hips. Plays the game with an aggressive, physical temperament; likes to come down from his perch and deliver hits on receivers and running backs. Does a good job of weaving through traffic and using his quickness to slip by would-be blockers. Quick to sniff out and drive on screens in the passing game. Closes with explosiveness into ballcarriers. Generating some pop on contact if not always using appropriate form, leading to some missed tackles. Aggressiveness can also be used against him; comes in fast and can be susceptible to play-action and misdirection. However, does possess impressive recovery speed to get back into position and chase down opponents. Dangerous with the ball in his hands; ran back both kicks and interceptions for touchdowns in his career at Cal, and his value in the return game should boost his stock. A defensive back prospect who has all of the physical and athletic tools teams look for, with an aggressive temperament and the ability to play in high zones, in off-man, or closer to the line of scrimmage, but whose eagerness to come up and function as a downhill safety can cause him to be taken advantage of through misdirection. May not appeal as much to teams who prefer their defensive backs to play more conservatively, but looks he should be off the board by the end of the second round.

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