TE Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri*

6’5” – 258 lbs. – 4.49

Redshirted, then appeared in all thirteen games the following year, going 29-415-11 (14.3). Saw his role expand the following year to 43-466-6 (10.8), then posted 26-306-6 (11.8) this past year before declaring for the draft. Very well-built for a pro tight end, with an excellent combination of size, bulk, and length. Although he’s built like an inline tight end and does take some snaps out of a three-point stance, most frequently lines up as more of a flex tight end/H-Back, and also takes snaps in the slot and even split out wide. A smooth receiving option who saw his production drop off a little bit last year but who was asked to run a lot of different routes from different alignments. Long-strider who accelerates smoothly and is fast enough to challenge defenses down the seams. Tends to go through his routes a little bit high but doesn’t round off his patterns too much; could do a better job of sinking his hips into breaks and executing his assignment with more of a sense of urgency. Size, long arms, and big, soft hands make him a reliable target with a wide catch radius; can adjust to passes away from his frame. Looks pretty good after the catch, and the team would try and get him the ball on some crossing patterns underneath or other routes designed to let him work in space. Isn’t quite the blocker his size would suggest. That’s mostly because he doesn’t play with a lot of physicality or aggression, having more of a workmanlike approach. Best attribute in the blocking game is his quickness, which allows him to position himself as a wall-off blocker or to line up and engage opponents in space, whether when stalking or coming in motion and cracking defenders on the back side of the play. Generally does a good job of getting his arms extended and placing his hands high and inside. However, tends to be satisfied with walling off opponents, rather than getting his legs churning and using leverage to drive them off the ball. Can occasionally lapse into throwing his body at defenders, sometimes lunging, rather than using his form when working in space. Tends to be sent out on routes in the passing game but does have the length and lateral quickness to help protect the edge against premier pass-rushers. One of the most naturally gifted tight ends in this year’s class, he offers an excellent combination of size, athleticism, and natural receiving skills, but in order to reach his full potential, will need to polish his route-running and block with more consistent aggression. Looks like a likely second-day pick after blowing up the Combine.

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