WR Gabriel Davis, Central Florida*

6’2” – 216 lbs. – 4.54

Caught 27-391-4 (14.5) as a freshman, then saw his role expand to 53-815-7 (15.4) as a sophomore. Made his junior year his best, finishing with a line of 72-1,241-12 (17.2) before declaring for the draft. Pretty well-built receiver with a good combination of size and bulk. Tends to line up split out wide to the left side of the formation. Runs almost all of his routes down the sidelines. Despite his production, looks pretty raw as a route runner, with simple releases and a basic route tree; does a lot of curls, stop-and-go patterns down the field, and in routes. Struggles to sink his hips at the route stem; high and stiff. Can often be seen going at half-speed when the ball isn’t coming his way; whether that’s by design or due to laziness is not clear. However, does possess impressive play speed, and was a legitimate deep threat at the college level; at his best when he’s making outside releases and running go routes down the sideline. Was often able to get a step on opposing cornerbacks down the sidelines, and use his frame to keep them in his hip pocket. Also uncovered for a deep touchdown on a post against Connecticut during the games reviewed. Size and length give him a wide catch radius, and does a good job of climbing the ladder and attacking the ball at the high point. Able to track the ball over his shoulder and adjust to throws away from his frame, with what look like soft, reliable hands. Blocking ability is one of his strengths. Gives generally good if sometimes inconsistent effort as a stalk blocker, but usually engages from a good base and with his arms extended. At his best, can work hard to line up and stick with opponents through the whistle; does a pretty good job of successfully engaging opponents. Does a pretty good job of holding his blocks long enough to enable teammates to find lanes in the screen game. A big, fast wide receiver with an impressive catch radius and pretty solid blocking skills, but who doesn’t have a lot of sophistication or variety as a route runner, and who lined up almost exclusively on the left side of the field, serving as something of a one-trick pony. Could sneak into the second day if a team is willing to gamble on his upside, but in a deep receiver class it wouldn’t be surprising if he slipped a little bit further.


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