WR Isaiah Hodgins, Oregon St.*

6’4” – 210 lbs. – 4.61

Started six of eleven games as a freshman, going 31-275-2 (8.9), then nine of eleven the following season, finishing with a line of 59-876-5 (14.8). Broke out this past season, catching a very productive 86-1,171-13 (13.6), then decided to declare for the draft. Big split end who has solid length and big hands, but who does look a little bit thin; also takes some snaps inside. Flashes adequate footwork to release at the line of scrimmage, but saw a lot of off-man during the games reviewed. Long-strider with pretty smooth movement skills, but who doesn’t really have a lot of speed or explosiveness to his game and may struggle to uncover down the field at the next level with raw athleticism; opposing cornerbacks seem to have had a pretty easy time sticking with him on go routes. Route tree is fairly straightforward; glides through some deep ins and post patterns, also making outside releases to run down the sidelines, sometimes to set up back-shoulder throws. A lot of his work came underneath off/zone coverage, but show some nuance to his routes when playing against press-man. Uses his size to his advantage; maintains inside positioning when working back to the ball or coming over the middle of the field, shielding defenders from the ball with his frame. Presents his quarterback with a big target; combines size, length, impressive leaping ability, and good flexibility/body control to snatch throws away from his frame with soft hands. Adjusts well to throws behind his body, whether those were made by design or accident. Racked up a ton of touchdowns this past season and has the look of a red-zone/goal line weapon on fade routes. Has the frame to be a good blocker, but sometimes looks like he’s just going through the motions; doesn’t really play with the type of aggression or physicality you’d like to see in that area. Does do a pretty good job of lining up opponents and getting extension as a stalk blocker, but often looks content to position himself as a wall-off blocker without driving his legs and trying to finish defensive backs. A possession receiver whose game is pretty much what you’d expect given his physical and athletic measurements; offers quarterbacks a big target with impressive leaping ability, soft hands, and smooth movement skills, but doesn’t have much speed or explosiveness to his game and may struggle to win consistently against man coverage at the next level. Looks to be on the borderline between the second and third days of the draft.

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