WR Quintez Cephus, Wisconsin

6’1” – 202 lbs. – 4.73

Played sparingly as a freshman, catching four passes and carrying the ball five times, then stepped into a more major role the next year, finishing with 30-501-6 (16.7). Production jumped to 59-901-7 (15.3) as a junior before declaring for the draft. Has adequate size for a pro receiver, although his hand and arm measurements left a little bit to be desired. Played a lot of split end, taking snaps on both sides of the formation, but would also work out of a tight alignment as well. Releases well at the line of scrimmage against press-man; wastes little movement and is capable of generating separation on both inside and outside releases. There’s sometimes a little bit of wasted motion at the route stem due to inefficient technique, but he gets low and uses some natural explosiveness to generate separation at the route stem to create timing-based throws on shorter patterns. Willing to get physical against bump-and-run, with pretty good hand use and contact strength. Releases into the flats on flare routes from tight alignments, and has your typical repertoire of patterns within ten yards of the line of scrimmage, as well as some double-moves to different levels and the occasional go route. Although he ran poorly at the Combine, was actually a pretty dangerous deep threat at the college level. Releases well at the line, with the explosiveness to reach his top-end speed quickly and keep cornerbacks in his hip pocket; would have guessed he ran something like a 4.5 based on the tape alone. Tracks the ball over his shoulder well down the sideline, and has the body control to extend and bring in passes away from his frame. Appears to have reliable hands, with the ability to pull down some high, inaccurate throws on curl routes. Was pretty hard to tackle in the open field, with the shiftiness and flexibility to make defenders miss one-on-one. Also an asset in the run game. Hides his intentions until the last second, then does a good job of engaging opposing cornerbacks with aggression and physicality, although he can sometimes struggle to sustain. Takes pride in delivering crack blocks on pursuing defenders when blocking over the middle of the field. Really had only one year of high-level production at the college level, but looks like a polished receiver prospect who releases well at the line of scrimmage, has explosive movement skills, and contributes as a physical blocker in the run game. May end up slipping into the mid-rounds because of his poor Combine workout.

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