WR Van Jefferson, Florida

6’1” – 200 lbs.

Has been producing since his freshman season, a year in which he went 49-543-3 (11.1). Followed that up with three reasonably productive campaigns of 42-456-1 (10.9), 35-503-6 (14.4), and 49-567-6 (13.4). Reasonably well-built for a pro receiver, with what looks like pretty good length. Takes snaps both inside and outside, and on both sides of the formation; was most commonly lined up in the slot, where his size is above-average. Got a lot of off-man coverage in college and looks like a pretty explosive athlete. Didn’t get much press-man during the games reviewed but flashes choppy footwork to release at the line. Accelerates and eats up cushions quickly, going through his breaks without needing to down-shift much. Does a good job of sinking his hips and exploding out of breaks when working against press-man; very hard to stick with on whips and outside-inside double moves. Most of his patterns came within ten yards of the line of scrimmage, with his speed creating opportunities for him to run screens, hitches, curls, out routes, and other patterns of that nature against soft coverages. Can also work over the middle of the field on crosses, slants, and ins, doing a good job of maintaining inside position. Wasn’t asked to challenge over the top much during the games reviewed, but does work in some nuance, using head-fakes and changing speeds to try and freeze defensive backs. Has a reliable set of hands if not the widest catch radius, and has the flexibility and coordination to adjust to throws slightly behind him or away from his frame. The type of receiver who can create something after the catch; weaves through traffic well and has the speed to break off chunks of yardage on shorter throws when given some room to work. Willing to lower his shoulder and fight for additional yardage. Blocking leaves a little bit to be desired. Actually does a pretty good job of lining up opponents as a stalk blocker, but his contact balance/strength is a little bit lacking, and he can sometimes become an observer before the play is over rather than focusing on sustaining his block through the whistle. A pretty underutilized prospect who offers some explosiveness, some flexibility, and some ability to create after the catch, but who was mostly relegated to being more of a short-area target as a combination slot receiver and flanker. Looks like a mid-round option.

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