CB Lamar Jackson, Nebraska

6’2” – 208 lbs. – 4.58

Appeared in thirteen games as a freshman, starting one, and finished with seventeen tackles. Stepped into a starting role the following year and made 38 tackles with three breakups. Finished his junior year with 28 tackles, seven breakups, and two interceptions, then recorded 40 tackles, twelve breakups, and three interceptions as a senior. Tall, long-limbed cornerback with very good bulk; checks all the boxes teams look for in a defensive back prospect from a size perspective. From the left side of the defense, plays press-man, off-man, and, when teams don’t line up a receiver opposite him, zone coverage. Does a good job of leveraging his length to get physical with opponents near the line of scrimmage and disrupt their timing as a press-man/bump-and-run cornerback. Has adequate footwork to match releases at the line of scrimmage from press. Able to match outside releases and use his size/length to pin opponents to the sideline when playing on the short side of the field. Looks less impressive from off-coverage. Has reasonable footwork and balance when backpedaling for a big receiver, but lacks the explosiveness when planting and driving to successfully close and contest passes underneath; overall speed and burst leaves a lot to be desired, so he can be picked on. Will need safety help over the top when defending against deep targets. Pattern recognition skills are somewhat lacking. Will play too close and end up losing track of opponents behind him. Susceptible to double-moves, both from a recognition standpoint and because he’s not one of the most fluid cornerbacks in the class. Coverage through the route stem is not particularly tight, especially on patterns breaking over the middle of the field. Also appears to lack coordination and balance in his transitions. Would like to see him be quicker about getting his head around to locate when targeted down the sidelines; face-guarder with a reactive approach. Physicality downfield could make him penalty-prone at the next level. However, when in-phase, on-ball production was pretty good over the last couple years of his career; has good timing and technique, using his length to break up passes. Willing to come up and take on blockers in the run game, although he can sometimes play out of control; would like to see more discipline and patience to read the play and funnel runners back instead. Not the tackler his size would suggest; more of a swiper who missed a few attempts during the games reviewed. Ultimately has the look of a mid-round pick who will need to improve his recognition skills, technique, and tackling ability, but who has could potentially work his way onto the field on a team that favors physical cornerbacks and is willing to roll safety help their way.

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