CB Michael Ojemudia, Iowa

6’1” – 200 lbs. – 4.45

Redshirted, then played sparingly over thirteen games as a freshman. Rotated into the defense and finished with 29 tackles and a breakup the following year, then started seven games as a junior and finished with 39 tackles, six breakups, and three interceptions. Started twelve games as a senior, missing one, and finished with 52 tackles, nine breakups, and three interceptions. Tall, well-built cornerback with solid size for the boundary. Techniques he was asked to play are a little bit limited. Plays a lot of off-coverage and shuffle technique from the right side of the defense, and will go into zone when no receiver is aligned to that side of the formation; as a bigger cornerback, would have liked to see him playing more bump-and-run and press-man. As might be expected from an Iowa prospect, is fundamentally-sound from a technical standpoint. Has good balance and relaxed, clean footwork in his backpedal and when shuffling. Did come down and press at times, using adequate footwork to match releases, although he’s not the most physical player at the line of scrimmage and it would be nice to see him use his length to disrupt timing at the line. Plays with a conservative temperament, keeping the action in front of him, but has a little bit of burst to plant and drive as well. Does a good job of using his hands to stick with receivers through the route stem, keeping himself in position to make plays on the ball. Can sometimes seem a split-second late to recognize routes but has adequate quickness and burst to recover. There’s a little bit of wasted motion in his transitions but he has the athleticism to compensate for it. Balance issues can crop up when defending against deep routes from shuffle technique. Makes quick tackles after completions to limit yards after the catch and would be a good fit for a team which favors conservative, “bend, don’t break” coverage shells. Shows active hands to take on blockers in the run game. Has pretty good range in pursuit, and usually takes responsible/conservative angles, although he can be sucked in at times. Looks like a solid hit-and-wrap tackler. Had one of the best workouts for a cornerback at this year’s Combine, which should allow him to leapfrog some of the more highly-touted cornerbacks who tested poorly. Recognition skills are still a little bit of a work in progress and doesn’t look quite as athletic on tape as he tested, but looks like he could potentially develop into a number-two cornerback down the road.

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