CB Troy Pride Jr., Notre Dame

5’11” – 193 lbs. – 4.40

Was also a sprinter on Notre Dame’s track team. Started three of eight games played as a freshman, finishing with twelve tackles, then started four of twelve the following year and finished with 22 tackles, three breakups, and an interception.  Finished his junior year with 47 tackles, ten breakups, and two interceptions, then added 40 tackles, six breakups, and one interception as a senior. Overall size is adequate for the boundary at the pro level. Lined up on the short side of the field for the Irish, playing a lot of press-man coverage but sometimes bailing out into a shuffle technique, or pre-snap into off-man. Wasn’t asked to backpedal much and looked like he was coasting on his natural athleticism at times when asked to do so. Athletic profile and footwork/technique are impressive. Demonstrates very quick feet and good balance at the line of scrimmage to match releases, playing with a sense of urgency and a feisty, aggressive on-field temperament. Footwork when shuffling looks very fluid, covering a lot of ground with impressive speed. Does a good job of using his hands to feel routes developing. Looks good matching outside releases and carrying receivers down the sidelines. Provides pretty tight coverage through the route stem and was rarely targeted during the games reviewed, so his lack of on-ball production may have been due to a lack of passes thrown his way, although at times he appeared a little bit slow to locate down the sidelines, creating opportunities for opposing quarterbacks, and he doesn’t offer the most impressive length, either. Could draw some penalties for face-guarding at the next level. Willing to get physical with blockers, getting good extension with his arms, although he doesn’t have the best length and he can sometimes get engulfed by bigger receivers, struggling to disengage; would like to see him be more active with his hands and use his short-area quickness to get low and slip by opponents instead of taking them on. Contact balance/anchor is inconsistent and can be driven off of his spot when successfully stalked by bigger receivers. However, does look like a pretty fundamentally-sound tackler when he has a chance to hit. Not one of the biggest or strongest cornerbacks in this year’s class, but plays the game with the sort of physicality and competitiveness that will endear him to pro coaches, combining that aggression with sound technique and impressive athleticism. Looks like he could come off the board early on the third day as a cornerback who at the least looks like he should be able to compete for a slot role.

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