LB Troy Dye, Oregon

6’3” – 231 lbs.

Played safety as a senior in high school, then started seven of eleven games at linebacker as a freshman, posting 91-13.0-6.5. Followed that up with campaigns of 107-13.5-4.0 as a sophomore, 115-8.0-2.0 as a junior, and 84-9.5-2.5 as a senior. Looks like he might need to add more weight to his frame at the next level, but is tall and lanky for a pro linebacker, so he should be able to handle another ten pounds or so. Lines up all over the formation, taking most of his snaps as a middle linebacker but also rushing off the edge at times as well. An aggressive linebacker who plays fast. Didn’t run at the Combine but looks like an above-average athlete for the position, with quick feet, quick acceleration, and above-average speed. Not the most patient player; more of a heat-seeking missile who generally has at least adequate ability to read keys and flow toward the ball. Looks comfortable mixing things up in the middle or flowing to the sideline and making tackles in pursuit, with smooth movement skills and solid range. Doesn’t shy away from stepping into a gap and taking on blockers despite his slightly thin frame; gets good extension and his overall contact balance is better than anticipated, with enough lower-body strength to hold the point. Able to disengage and close quickly on opposing runners. However, is not one of the most physical tackles in this year’s class. Has a tendency to come in fast, forcing him to try and swipe at a runner’s legs instead of hitting and wrapping high; consequently, looks like he misses more tackles than average, although he’s also in position to attempt tackles more than your average linebacker. Not the type of linebacker who’s going to set the tone by belting opposing runners. Also may not appeal to teams that prefer a more conservative, responsible approach to defending the run. Stayed on the field on passing downs as both a cover man and a blitzer. Looks good when making spot-drops, with the range to cover more ground than is typical for a middle linebacker. Places his hands to feel routes developing in pattern-match or man, and can also disrupt timing by getting physical within five yards. However, can get too aggressive in coverage and create opportunities for longer throws. A pretty good blitzer, both between the tackles and off the edge, and was quite productive in that role as a freshman and sophomore. Closes quickly when spying, with sideline-to-sideline range. One of the most impressive athletes at the position in this year’s class, he has a versatile skillset and plenty of length, but isn’t a particularly reliable tackler.

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