OG Solomon Kindley, Georgia*

6’3” – 337 lbs.

Started seven of fifteen games played as a freshman, those all coming at right guard. Took over as the team’s starting left guard the following year and started fourteen games there as a sophomore and eleven games there as a junior. Decided to declare for the draft with a total of thirty-two starts under his belt. Very thickly-built offensive guard prospect, although his height and length leave a little bit to be desired, and looks a little bit overweight. Plays a chippy style of football with physicality and aggressiveness, working hard to stick with his man through the whistle. Very powerful on initial contact, with the ability to knock back defenders and start from a favorable position. Has a natural advantage in leverage because of his squatty build, and does a good job of extending his arms and keeping his legs churning after contact. However, overall balance and technique leaves a lot to be desired. Because of his lack of length and eagerness to engage, tends to get out over his toes, lunging and bending at the waist; consequently, falls off of his fair share of blocks. More of a shover than someone who can consistently get his hands locked on high and inside. Has some ability to climb and block on angles, but wasn’t really asked to pull much in Georgia’s blocking scheme and may not have the athleticism to do that too frequently. Aggression carries over into the passing game; seeks out opponents rather than letting them come to him. Looks alert in pass protection, keeping his head on a swivel and seeking out teammates to help when there’s no one coming his way. Doesn’t have the most consistent technique/form in his pass sets, tending to play upright and relying on his natural bulk and lower-body strength to protect the quarterback. Drops an early anchor and is essentially impossible to bull-rush through. Overall stamina and short-area quickness are pretty impressive; able to chip one defender and move laterally to recover and block another opponent. Capable of stonewalling opponents at the line of scrimmage even when he’s not in perfect position. A massive offensive guard who has plenty of natural power and the type of aggression and physicality teams like to see, his balance and technique are pretty ugly at times but that didn’t seem to matter much against SEC competition. If he can address those issues while getting in better shape, he has starting potential in a power scheme.

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