WR Kalija Lipscomb, Vanderbilt

6’0” – 207 lbs. – 4.57

Has been a major contributor since his freshman season, in which he posted 27-319-2 (11.8). Followed that up with 37-610-8 (16.5) as a sophomore, then broke out as a junior with 87-916-9 (10.5). Production dropped to 47-511-3 (10.9) after quarterback Kyle Shurmur graduated. Has adequate size and a relatively thick build for a pro receiver prospect. Took snaps both inside and outside for the Commodores, with his snaps pretty evenly divided between those. Ran routes to different levels of the field, but most of his targets were less than twenty yards downfield. Has a pretty wide variety of patterns; your typical assortments of ins and outs, seam routes, crosses, and so on, with some whips and other double-moves mixed in. Shows pretty good attention to detail as a route runner. Has simple, efficient releases at the line of scrimmage against press coverage. Does a good job of sinking his hips at the route stem, with pretty good footwork; also works in nuance to freeze defenders with double-moves. Not an explosive athlete but can snap off his patterns a little bit to create small windows. Navigates through space pretty effectively when working over the middle of the field and was asked to work there pretty often. As a junior, was a very high-volume target within the offense and provides a pretty reliable set of hands. Able to adjust to throws away from his frame or toward the dirt, with what looks like sound technique. Actually a pretty good runner after the catch despite his average athleticism, and the team often tried to feed him on throws which provided opportunities to work in space (slants, whips, crosses, etc.) Has the vision to weave through traffic and find open lanes, with little bit of shake to make defenders miss. Not the most physical or aggressive blocker, but does a pretty good job of lining up opponents in space and getting extension. Major question is whether he’ll be able to gain separation at the next level, and whether he’ll be able to play outside of the slot. Wasn’t much of a deep threat even at the college level, with opponents being able to carry him down the sidelines relatively easily. Because he doesn’t have a big frame to shield defenders from the ball, and because he sometimes struggled to make contested catches during the games reviewed, it may be hard for him to earn the trust of his quarterback when working against man coverage. That said, is a likable prospect whose competitiveness and route-running should get him a chance somewhere on the third day, though.

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