WR Collin Johnson, Texas

6’6” – 222 lbs.

Father was a star cornerback for the Longhorns. Started one of nine games played as a freshman and caught 28-315-3 (11.3). Stepped into the starting lineup and caught 54-765-2 (14.2) as a sophomore and 68-985-7 (14.5) as a junior. Was limited to seven games this past year and finished with 38-559-3 (14.7). Has kind of a strange build, with outstanding height and good bulk for a pro receiver, although his arm and hand measurements were smaller than most of the other prospects in the class. Lined up at split end, taking snaps on both sides of the field. Possession receiver who lacks ideal speed, agility, and burst, but who was able to overcome that and produce at the college level. Does a pretty good job of releasing at the line of scrimmage against press-man. Runs patterns to all three levels of the field, with a pretty good mix of routes, predominantly the usual assortment of hitches, slants, and go routes but even including whips. Lacks explosiveness at the route stem but does a good job of sinking his hips into breaks and selling fakes. Uses a swim move to slip by defensive backs, and works in head-fakes and stutter-steps to set up deep targets. Provides a huge target for quarterbacks, with the ability to pluck throws away from his frame. Looks very comfortable adjusting to poor throws. Also has excellent flexibility and outstanding body control, especially for a big receiver. Awareness and footwork near the sideline is impressive. Does a good job of creating last-second separation from opposing cornerbacks when targeted down the sideline, and can pirouette and come down with very difficult catches; one of the true highlight-reel receivers in this year’s class. Fights for additional yardage with the ball in his hands and can run through arm tackles or fall forward for additional yardage. Not quite the blocker his size would suggest. Usually works hard to line up and engage opposing defensive backs when stalking, with a little bit of physicality and solid extension, but lacks the type of aggressiveness and leg drive to dominate opponents despite his superior size. Has a tendency to lower his head going into contact and whiff on his attempts. Huge split end who shows some dedication to his craft as a route runner and offers excellent body control and flexibility, with a large catch radius and the ability to make eye-popping grabs, but who may struggle to separate at the pro level and who needs to add some nastiness to his game as a blocker. It’d be a surprise if he slid past the fourth round or so, which is where Hakeem Butler, a somewhat similar prospect, went last year.

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