DB Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois

6’3” – 221 lbs. – 4.45

Started six of eight games played as a freshman and totaled 51 tackles with five breakups and three interceptions in that year. Followed that up with 66 tackles, nine breakups, and three interceptions the following year, also forcing four fumbles. Over nine games as a junior, posted 55 tackles, ten breakups, and three interceptions, then added 71 tackles, seven breakups, and four interceptions as a senior. Very well-built for a pro safety prospect, with a pretty ideal combination of size and bulk.

Usually played around ten yards off the line of scrimmage, usually opposite another deep safety. Most commonly functioned as a robber underneath, but would also shade over opposing receivers against some formations, and, more rarely, would play in deeper zones. Smooth mover with pretty clean footwork and solid speed; has the speed to play in halves on the back end. Has good balance in his backpedal and looks fluid when opening his hips to turn and run. Does a good job of keeping the action in front of him when playing on zones, although his angles can sometimes be aggressive. Not the most explosive when planting and driving but transitions pretty cleanly and closes fast once he gets going. On-ball production was very good; able to get his head around and locate, with impressive body control and reliable hands.

Likes to come up and support the run, while at the same time respecting his responsibility as the team’s last line of defense. Flows to the ball pretty well, with the quickness to navigate through congestion. When he is forced to engage opponents, gets good extension to lock out blockers and is active with his hands to shed. Offers a wide tackling radius and good burst to close and wrangle runners in space. However, can sometimes lose track of the runner on inside attempts; ability to reach spots is more impressive than his ability to locate the ball. Generally a solid tackler but can occasionally be more physical than he is fundamentally-sound; lapses into hitting low instead of wrapping at times.

Was highly productive over the past four years and offers an ideal combination of size, speed, fluidity, and ball skills, but will be making a significant jump in the level of competition he’s facing, wasn’t asked to do much single-high or halves, and can sometimes lose track of ballcarriers in the run game. Those flaws may push him down into the mid-rounds, although he has some starting traits and may have worked himself into the late second-day conversation after an impressive Combine. 

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