DB K’Von Wallace, Clemson

5’11” – 206 lbs. – 4.53

Played 109 snaps as a freshman, then started six of fourteen games played the following year and ended up with 26 tackles, two breakups, and one interception. Started all fifteen games as a junior, finishing with 52 tackles, three breakups, and an interception. Final year was his most productive, with 72 tackles, ten breakups, and two interceptions (note: these statistics from Sports Reference differ from Clemson’s official statistics.) A slightly squatty safety with adequate height but solid bulk. Tended to line up about ten yards off the line, but was typically playing downhill as more of a strong safety; would also shade over or drop down into the slot to defend against receivers at times. Physical, aggressive safety who likes to come up and deliver hits in the run game. Has good instincts to read keys and flow toward the ball, with some explosiveness and adequate speed. Has good quickness to slip by would-be blockers. Takes sound angles in pursuit and generates some pop on contact; overall energy level can help set the tone defensively, although at times he can lapse into being a torpedo instead of a wrap tackler. Was able to handle a few different types of assignments in coverage, least frequently deep zones. Predominantly a robber type who’s at his best when he’s able to shade over a receiver, recognize the short breaking route, plant, and drive on a spot to deliver hits, dislodging passes or limiting yards after the catch. However, also looks pretty competent in man coverage against opposing receivers. Rarely comes down to the line but when he does, has the footwork to match releases at the line and also likes to get physical with opponents. Has fluid hips and can provide pretty good coverage through the route stem. Does a nice job of locating throws and making plays on the ball, although he left some potential interceptions on the table against Virginia this past season. Also may not have the size/length to match up against bigger receivers or tight ends. Definitely improved his stock with an excellent pre-draft workout and could end up coming off the board as early as the third round or so, combining a physical, swaggering temperament with good recognition skills and the versatility to defend the run, cover slot receivers, and work as a robber. Gamer who should appeal to teams looking for a nickel/dime defender and be able to work has way onto the field relatively quickly.

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