LB Cam Brown, Penn St.

6’5” – 233 lbs. – 4.72

Started two of twelve games as a true freshman and finished with 33-1.5-0.5, then appeared in twelve games the following year and went 30-1.0-0.0. Stepped into the starting lineup as a junior and finished with a 63-6.5-2.0 line, then posted 72-5.5-2.0 as a senior, a year in which he was named a team captain. Very tall and long-limbed for a pro linebacker, with arms which measured 34” at the Combine; on the light side for a player that big, but should meet any team’s minimum requirements overall, particularly considering he typically lines up as a weakside linebacker.

When defending the run, gets good extension with his arms to prevent opposing blockers from locking onto his frame; does a good job of shedding as he pursues. Does a nice job of getting low to avoid having his height work against him. Has pretty sound instincts and adequate athleticism to get to the spot; not the most explosive mover, but doesn’t take many false steps. Generally willing to take on blockers in the hole but can occasionally try to slip under blockers, leading to inefficiencies in angles. Can occasionally lapse into being more of a hitter than a tackler, although he can help set the tone defensively with his physicality. Has long arms but isn’t as reliable a tackler as you’d like even when wrapping up opponents. When opponents do manage to engage him, anchor strength appears to be lacking a little bit as well.

Stayed on the field on passing downs and would often shade over opposing receivers in the slot; can deliver a solid chip to disrupt routes but probably isn’t athletic enough to actually match up against them in man coverage. Generally made limited drops into zone coverage; has some trouble getting low into his backpedal, but plays with a pretty conservative temperament, keeping himself in position to make tackles quickly after the catch. Wasn’t able to get a good look at him in man coverage on opposing tight ends, probably because he tended to line up on the weak side, but that would be an assignment which appears well-suited to his physical and athletic profile. Also not used too frequently as a blitzer and may not really have the explosiveness to his movements to generate consistent pressure in that role.

A tall, long-limbed linebacker who has pretty sound instincts and can help set the tone defensively with big hits, but who needs to clean up his technique, whose athleticism is closer to adequate, and who isn’t the most reliable tackler, he will likely come off the board on the third day, jockeying for a spot in the mid-rounds but potentially being available later.

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