DB Trevon Moehrig, Texas Christian

DB Trevon Moehrig, Texas Christian* (6’2”, 202)


Recorded fifteen tackles and an interception as a freshman, then stepped into a starting role the following year, finishing with 62 tackles, four interceptions, eleven breakups, and two forced fumbles. Followed that up by winning the Thorpe Award this past season, finishing with 47 tackles, two interceptions, and nine breakups over ten games.


Productive two-year starter. Really looks the part, with excellent size and length for a pro free safety. Took most of his snaps as a high safety in a defense which kept two safeties deep. Handled a lot of different assignments; was most frequently either providing help over the top in cover-two or shading down over opposing receivers and working against them in coverage (both man and zone). Overall athleticism and range are impressive. Technically-sound player who stays low in his stance and demonstrates clean footwork when backpedaling, and who can also flip his hips and carry receivers downfield in man coverage. Provides tight coverage through the route stem because of his route recognition and because he uses his hands well to feel routes developing. Instinctive player who reads keys well, keeps the play in front of him, and takes solid angles in pursuit; overall positioning is very good. Not afraid to come up and get involved in the run game, with his length giving him a solid tackling radius.


Frequently played with another high safety, so there’s not as much tape of him working in single-high relative to cover-two, serving as a robber, or lining up opposite receivers. Wasn’t really asked to do much work down in the box and, being on the lanky end, might not be the best-suited to that role in the pros either. Looks faster and more flexible than he is explosive. Rangy because of his athleticism and ability to read routes, but had a few issues with open-field tackling during the games reviewed.


A highly impressive college safety who offers a rare combination of size, length, technique, diagnostic ability, speed, and fluidity, traits which should make him a starting free safety at the next level. It would have been nice to see him handle more single-high and box work in college, but looks athletic enough to handle the former and it might be somewhat of a waste of his talent to ask him to do the latter very often. Consequently, looks like a solid bet to come off the board in the first round as the draft’s top safety. Could potentially come in and start right away.

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