DE Ronnie Perkins, Oklahoma

DE Ronnie Perkins, Oklahoma* (6’3”, 247)


Started seven of fourteen games played as a true freshman, going 37-8.0-5.0. Followed that up with 38-13.5-6.0 as a sophomore, being suspended for the team’s bowl game and the first five games of his junior year, a campaign in which he went 23-10.5-5.5 in six games.


Height and length appear to be at least adequate for a pro pass-rusher. Played on both sides of the line from some different techniques, but may be most at home as a nine-technique aligned on the weak side. Very impressive speed rusher off the edge. Fires out low with explosiveness and is capable of blowing past tackles when working from wide alignments. Has the bend and closing burst to finish with sacks. Pretty active with his hands and flashes the ability to slap down an opponent’s hands and work his way to the passer. Despite being an undersized player, has some ability to convert speed to power. Varies his approach, working in inside moves to keep blockers off-balance. Works well on twists/stunts. Can be disruptive in the run game, using his quickness to knife into gaps and blow up attempts. Has impressive range when pursuing in the run game. Never posted gaudy sack totals but is more of a factor on tape than his totals indicate.


On the small side and might be limited to a rotational pass-rushing role; needs to add additional bulk and functional strength in order to be considered as an option on early downs. Needs to be playing in an aggressive, attacking defensive front; struggles to anchor when run at. Can be pushed past the pocket by opposing tackles. Was almost always rushing the passer out of a three-point stance, often from a wide alignment; didn’t get to see him take many snaps rushing out of a two-point stance or dropping into coverage, although his athletic profile would make him appear well-suited for that type of role. Character requires further investigation after missing considerable time due to suspension.


A good candidate for a situational pass-rushing role or “Leo” spot at the next level for a team which favors letting their ends align wide and pin their ears back, but who might need to add additional bulk to offer early-down value despite being able to convert speed to power more effectively than his size would suggest. Assuming teams feel comfortable with his character, could be a candidate to come off the board as early as the second round.

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