DT Christian Barmore, Alabama

DT Christian Barmore, Alabama** (6’5″, 310)


Four-star prospect who redshirted in 2018 before rotating into the defense fairly heavily over the next season, finishing with 26-6.0-2.0 before stepping into a starting role this past season and posting an impressive 37-9.5-8.0 line before declaring for the draft.


A young player with a very favorable trajectory. Has prototypical size for a two-gap run stuffer at the pro level. Took snaps from various different positions/techniques on the Tide defensive front, playing inside and outside on three-man lines and the nose tackle position on four-man lines. Shows pretty impressive explosiveness off the line for a player with his size. Gets good extension with his arms to lock out opponents and is active with his hands to shed blockers. Regularly works in a swim, a straight arm, a rip, and a swipe, varying his approach. Has above-average lateral quickness to find open lanes to the passer. Flashes the ability to dig in against an opposing blocker, locate the football, and make tackles while engaged. Length gives him a wide tackling radius. Has a little bit of bend to his game. Range and closing speed are better than anticipated, and gives solid effort to pursue plays.


Overall number of snaps he played was somewhat limited, even this past season. More athletic than his size would indicate but will probably be more of a nose tackle or five-technique end at the pro level either way, and may come off the field on some obvious passing situations. Would like to see him use his bull-rush more often to collapse the pocket. Anchor drops late at times when defending the run, getting stood up and occasionally losing track of the ballcarrier. Had gaudy sack totals last year but isn’t quite fast enough to chase down opponents and finish when the quarterback flees the pocket.

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