OC Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma

OC Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma* (6’5”, 320)


Four-star recruit who redshirted in 2017, then stepped into the starting role for twelve games the following year. Reprised that role in both 2019 and 2020, then declared for the draft.


Comes with three years of starting experience for a major program. Has ideal size for a pro interior lineman. Very consistent anchor on a snap-to-snap basis, a function of size, technique, and balance. Plays from a wide, very stable base, keeping his back straight and locking out opponents with his arms; very hard to overwhelm with power approaches. Proactive about firing his hands out and getting extension, with accurate placement. Understands positioning and has the short-area quickness to get between defenders and the ballcarrier. Has enough grip and upper-body strength to generate torque after locking on. Does a good job of sustaining once he’s locked on; handles technicians well, easily capable of sticking with opponents through counters. Bulk is such that he is capable of disrupting defenders even when he doesn’t have ideal positioning; capable of winning ugly if needed. Works well with teammates to double-team opponents in the run game. Could theoretically be considered for another position on the line if desired.


Would like to see him fire out lower and with more aggression. Not always the most active with his feet once engaging; can be content to lock on and wall off instead of driving opponents off the ball. Can have some difficulty diagnosing and picking up blitzes. Could be a little bit more active about scanning when he doesn’t have an immediate assignment. More comfortable absorbing power than he is handling quick gap-shooting types; lateral quickness is just adequate, and doesn’t always maintain ideal positioning when mirroring. Wasn’t really asked to cover too much ground and may be considered more of an inline prospect by ssome teams. Can occasionally lapse into observing before the whistle.


Is one of the most experienced, consistent, and technically-sound options in a draft class full of big, high-quality interior offensive linemen. May not appeal so much to teams looking for quicker, more mobile options, but even given the depth in the class at the center and guard positions, it would come as a surprise if he didn’t come off the board by the end of the second round or so, given his pro-ready game and size.

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