OC Landon Dickerson, Alabama

OC Landon Dickerson, Alabama (6’6”, 325)


Originally attended Florida State, where he started the first seven games of the year at right guard before sustaining a season-ending knee injury. Saw his sophomore season at left guard end due to an ankle injury just four games in, then medically redshirted after sustaining a season-ending ankle injury two games into his junior year; had been playing right tackle. Transferred to Alabama, where he started four games at right guard and nine games at center as a junior and then the first eleven games at center during his redshirt senior year before suffering a season-ending knee injury. Nevertheless, he was named last year’s Rimington Award winner as college football’s top center.


Has thirty-seven games of experience under his belt, split pretty evenly between center and guard. Very highly regarded for his intelligence and leadership skills; comes across like a veteran in interviews. Massive offensive lineman who really looks the part. Has very impressive functional strength; able to move opponents off of their spot as a drive blocker, and can knock defenders off-balance or to the ground with powerful shoves/punches. Devastating when he engages at the second level. Works hard to sustain through the whistle, with consistent leg drive; can often be seen five or ten yards downfield. Really understands positioning, doing a great job of keeping himself between an opponent and the ballcarrier. Capable of executing zone concepts, pulling, and leading in the screen game because of his motor. Anchors easily against power in the passing game. Keeps his head on a swivel, seeking out work.


Injury history is a major concern, having sustained four season-ending injuries in five seasons. May not be ready at the beginning of his rookie season, as he is currently recovering from the last of those injuries, a torn ACL. Lateral quickness is just average. Can get out over his toes a little bit when trying to reach opponents. More of a shover than someone who locks onto an opponent’s pads. Works hard to get into space but doesn’t have elite mobility.


A positionally and schematically versatile offensive lineman with excellent size, power, technique, intelligence, and leadership. Isn’t an elite athlete in terms of overall mobility, but checks pretty much every other box when he’s on the field. Unfortunately, durability is a major concern and may prevent him from making the type of rookie impact he would otherwise be capable of. A first-round type of talent who might slip unless teams are comfortable enough with his medicals.

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