OT Christian Darrisaw, Virginia Tech

LT Christian Darrisaw, Virginia Tech* (6’5”, 314)


Originally attended Fork Union Military Academy. At Virginia Tech, became a starter in his first year (2018), and retained that role for the two subsequent seasons before declaring for the draft.


Listed as and predominantly plays left tackle but would be moved around a little bit; can be seen working as a sixth offensive lineman on the opposite side at times. Has a wide body which can make up for his average height. Overall work rate is good. Surprisingly fast in a straight line, which allows him to get out in space and lead the way in the run game. Capable of pulling to the right side of the line to thump defenders in backside pursuit. Able to work on angles. Knows when to slow down in order to line up an opposing linebacker and is capable of successfully engaging. Has enough short area quickness to get outside positioning and wall off in the run game. Overall grip strength is very good, and plays from a stable base, allowing him to lock on and eliminate opponents from the play. Very hard to lse with counter-moves. Blocks down to seal defenders inside very well. Has an excellent anchor which may represent his greatest strength as a player; does a good job of keeping his back straight and holding the point of attack, and is capable of winning snaps when in less-than-ideal position. Powerful shove to knock defenders off-balance. Overpowers second-level defenders with ease.


Height is on the low end for an offensive tackle and, given his thick build, could theoretically be viewed as a conversion candidate; in any event, doesn’t seem particularly likely to stick on the blindside. Doesn’t appear to carry his weight particularly well. Capable of succeeding in space because of his speed and effort, but doesn’t have the smoothest movement skills. Powerful and hard-working but doesn’t always show a killer instinct. Team didn’t leave him on an island on passing downs as much as some of the other top prospects in the class. Can get caught peeking into the backfield before the whistle. Struggles to recover positioning when he sets up too far inside or outside, forcing him to rely on his anchor.


Depending on how teams feel about his height/length, may ultimately end up being asked to slide inside to guard, but combines a thick build, an outstanding anchor, and surprising versatility in the run game, all traits which could well make him a solid starter at the pro level. Not just limited to an inline scheme because of his effort and ability to execute blocks in space.

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