OT Jalen Mayfield, Michigan

OT Jalen Mayfield, Michigan* (6’5”, 320)


Originally committed to Minnesota before changing his commitment. Appeared in three games at left tackle as a true freshman, then took over the starting right tackle position the following year, a role he reprised in 2020 before declaring for the draft.


Has adequate height and excellent bulk, which translates into very good functional strength. A technically-sound player who bends at the knees, gets into his seat, and generally engages from a solid base. Technique in his pass sets looks good, keeping his hands high and tight and getting enough depth in his kickslide to protect the edge. Was generally able to protect the edge without abandoning his form. Work rate in the run game is good. Doesn’t have outstanding athleticism but is able to successfully secure blocks in space or climb to the second level within a limited radius. Capable of chipping one opponent and getting up to the second level. Gets good extension with his arms when engaging. Understands positioning and can leverage his reasonable short-area quickness and anchor to wall off opponents. Does a good job of sticking with opponents through the whistle, with what looks like pretty solid grip strength. Comes with two years of starting experience at a major program and under a respected coaching staff.


Might be limited to playing on the right or on the inside, probably in an inline blocking scheme. Would like to see him keep his hands inside a little bit more consistently. Not quite the brick wall his bulk would suggest. Can occasionally get a little bit upright and struggle with the initial contact, although he tends to recover. Can be ragdolled a little bit when opponents get into his pads. Range as a blocker is somewhat limited by his lack of ideal athleticism. Can occasionally let his aggressiveness cause him to overextend and play outside of his frame a little bit. More of a wall-off blocker than a true mauler. Feet can sometimes go dead on contact, contenting himself with winning the positioning battle instead of driving opponents off the spot.


A solid all-around right tackle who has the bulk, anchor, technique, and short-area quickness to function effectively as a wall-off blocker in the run game and to protect the edge on passing downs. Although he is perhaps more workmanlike than aggressive and appears to lack ideal flexibility and agility, he is a consistent executor on a snap-to-snap basis, offering teams the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing what they’re getting. Looks like a nice meat-and-potatoes building block for an inline scheme.


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