OT Teven Jenkins, Oklahoma St.

OT Teven Jenkins, Oklahoma St. (6’5”, 310)


Redshirted, then started three of twelve games played the following year, one at right tackle and two at right guard. Became the team’s full-time starter at right tackle the following year, starting ten games there and three at the left tackle position. Reprised his starting role in each of the two following seasons, starting nine games at right tackle and three at left tackle as a junior and six games at right tackle with one start at left tackle before opting out.


Has thirty-five starts under his belt between three different positions, mostly at right tackle. Has a very powerful, thick, wide build for a pro offensive lineman. On-field temperament is really going to endear him to pro offensive line coaches; plays with nastiness, physicality, and toughness. Overall hand placement is very good, with a strong grip to sustain through the whistle. Has a powerful shove to knock opponents off-balance. Loves to finish snaps by putting opposing defenders in the dirt, and is capable of dominating in a phone booth when he gets his legs driving. Destroys opponents when working double-teams. Has enough short-area quickness to chip one opponent and recover to block another. Looks lighter on his feet in pass protection than his build would suggest, with some ability to bend at the knees. Gets good extension with his arms to lock out defenders. Anchors easily against power.


Typically when dealing with first-round picks at the tackle position, you like to have seen them playing primarily on the blindside. A little bit on the short side for a pro tackle and could be considered as a candidate to slide inside. Could potentially be viewed as an inline-only option by some zone teams. Not the rangiest player when it comes to getting out in space and leading the way in the screen game or on tosses. Legs can sometimes go dead on contact. Pad level can get a little bit higher than you’d like at times. Doesn’t get a ton of depth with his kickslide to protect the edge against speed.


An experienced, powerful, nasty offensive lineman who plays with the type of consistency and technique you’d expect from a three-year starter, and who has played three different spots along the line over the course of his time with the Cowboys. Easy to recommend to an inline/power team looking for an overpowering guard or right tackle, but becomes a little bit riskier when projecting him to a zone scheme or the left tackle position. Has a pretty good chance of coming off the board in the latter half of the first round.

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