QB Zach Wilson, Brigham Young

QB Zach Wilson, Brigham Young* (6’3”, 210)


Posted a line of 1,578 yards (65.9%, 8.7 YPA), 12 touchdowns, and three interceptions as a freshman over seven starts in nine games, then saw his effciency drop off the following year, finishing with 2,382 yards (62.4%, 7.5 YPA), 11 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. Started twelve games a a junior, putting together a monster line of 3,692 yards (73.5%, 11.0 YPA), 33 touchdowns, and three interceptions, adding 70-254-10 (3.6) on the ground.


Comes with more starting experience than some of the other top quarterbacks in the class, and made significant strides in productivity this past season. Comes from a creative spread offense which featured a lot of package plays and used some power concepts in the run game to facilitate the pass. Plays the game with confidence and aggressiveness. Capable of going through progressions across the field. Shows the abiltiy to manipulate defenses with his eyes. Arm talent is very impressive. Throws a tight spiral with good velocity to all levels of the field, the ball jumping out of his hand. Zips passes out to the sidelines and can complete throws into tight windows. Capable of altering his delivery angle when needed. Ball placement and touch are very good, particularly when working over the middle of the field and on throws at the short-to-intermediate levels. Demonstrates good quickness and movement skills in the pocket to elude defenders and buy time; can also pirouette to his left to extend the play. Keeps his eyes downfield when facing pressure or fleeing the pocket. Able to throw accurately when rolling out to both his left and his right. Above-average athlete for the position, being capable of picking up chunks when he finds a lane.


Attempts a lot of off-platform passes and will muscle some balls in without stepping into the throw. Can sometimes be a little bit too willing to keep his eyes downfield instead of getting rid of the ball to avoid a sack. Can have a little bit too much confidence in his arm talent at times, trying some dangerous throws into tight coverage over the middle of the field; was lucky that his interception total was as low as it was last year. Deep balls down the sidelines and passes up the seams will sail on him at times.


Extraordinarily gifted quarterback who has a real rifle for an arm and is capable of sticking the ball on receivers from different arm angles, making pro-style throws with accuracy both from the pocket and when on the move. A gunslinger whose appetite for risk may be greater than some teams would like, but who is a special enough talent to build an offense around rather than trying to plug him into a preexisting scheme. Should be the second quarterback off the board and a high first-round pick.

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