WR Kadarius Toney, Florida

WR Kadarius Toney, Florida (6’0”, 193)


Was limited to four games as a freshman and touched the ball 29 times in total, then saw that total increase to 46 over twelve games as a sophomore. Missed six games due to injury as a junior, then broke out as a senior to the tune of 70-984-10 (14.1), representing nearly 60% of his total career catches.


Tends to line up in the slot, but was moved around the formation a little bit and did take some snaps outside in two-receiver sets and line up tight to the formation to help as a blocker. Flexible and long-limbed. Shows the ability to change speeds and keep defensive backs off-balance when running downfield routes. Works in head-fakes and sinks his hips well to create over the middle on whip routes. Works in a swim move to slip by opposing defenders parked in zones when running down the seams. Cruised past Alabama’s secondary multiple times for big games this past season. Shows some ability to improvise when the play breaks down. Able to adjust to throws outside of his body and scoop or pluck off-target passes. Pretty competitive after the catch and was a player the team liked to get the ball into the hands of via jet sweeps and short, manufactured touches; has the ability to break tackles. Works well in congested  spaces and has solid speed to break big plays when he finds a lane. More physical in the run game than his frame would suggest. Has some experience returning kicks and punts.


Essentially a one-year wonder whose injury history will raise questions about his durability, particularly because of his willingness to fight for additional yards after contact. Was rarely lined up on the line of scrimmage and might struggle to release against stronger, more physical pro defenders given his wiry frame. Route tree is pretty simple, consisting primarily of out-routes, hitches, screens, and releases into the flats, with some clearing/seam routes thrown in. Will lapse into throwing blocks with his shoulders instead of engaging with his hands, resulting in lots of missed opportunities.


A flexible, physical slot receiver who can break tackles, work his way through tight spaces, and pick up chunks of yardage when he finds a lane. It would have been nice to see him do a little bit more work on the outside and on a fuller route tree, but does look like he has the type of temperament and physical/athletic profile to potentially handle different responsibilities than he did in college. At least some of his evaluation will be based on how well teams think his body will hold up given his previous injuries and tough, contact-heavy style of play.


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