WR Terrace Marshall Jr., Louisiana St.

WR Terrace Marshall Jr., Louisiana St.* (6’3”, 200)


Five-star recruit despite missing most of his senior season of high school with an ankle injury. Caught twelve passes as a freshman, then enjoyed a strong sophomore season line of 46-671-13 (14.6) despite playing behind Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase. Posted 48-731-10 (15.2) this season before leaving the team in November and declaring for the draft.


Has excellent size for a pro boundary receiver. Has experience taking snaps both inside and outside; continued to line up in the slot often this past season even after Justin Jefferson left school. Many of his patterns are shorter in/out routes, with a lot of his work coming over the middle of the field. Does a good job of maintaining inside positioning. when working between the numbers. Adds some window dressing at the stem and is capable of changing speeds to keep opponents off-balance. Not a pure possession receiver, being able to threaten downfield and track the ball over his shoulder against man coverage as well. Top-end speed overall is very good. Presents a big catch radius, both because of his size/length, and because he’s able to go up and get high throws or adjust to passes away from his frame. Has a flexible body and the agility to weave through traffic and make some defenders miss. Racked up a ton of touchdowns and could be a real weapon in the red zone. Capable of being a physical blocker who can overwhelm opponents with his size and power.


Production was a little bit inconsistent on a game-to-game basis. A little bit on the lanky side for his size. Tends to go through his routes a little bit high; would like to see him drop his hips a little bit more. Given that his size is more consistent with that of an outside receiver at the pro level, would like to see him do a little bit more work near the sidelines, winning on the outside. More of a smooth accelerator with build-up speed than an explosive player. Made two focus drops over the middle during the games reviewed. Not one of the most physical receivers with the ball in his hands. Effort when stalking is inconsistent. Left the team in the middle of the season.


A very tall, long-limbed receiver who has the toughness to work over the middle of the field and the length and flexibility to adjust to passes away from his frame. Based on pure tools alone, could develop into a team’s top option, but will need to pay more attention to detail and become more consistent to reach his full potential, sinking his hips into the route stem, blocking with more intensity, and improving his focus.

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