DL Osa Odighizuwa, UCLA (6’2”, 279)


Brother is former pro lineman Owa Odighizuwa. Redshirted, then appeared in seven games as a freshman before stepping into a bigger role the following year, finishing with a line of 29-6.0-3.0. Followed that up with a 46-10.0-3.5 line as a junior, then went 30-6.0-4.0 over seven games as a senior to conclude his college career.


Experienced player with pro bloodlines. Played some different techniques for the Bruins, with the team often using just two down linemen; typically on the left side of the field, but would play anything from the zero-technique to the seven-technique. Has a pretty quick get-off at the line of scrimmage, getting good extension with his arms to create room to work with. Not just a one-gap penetrator; anchors pretty well at the line of scrimmage and can wrap up ballcarriers while engaged. Functional strength is better than anticipated for a player with his size. Lateral quickness is good; predominantly a gap-shooter who can shuffle to find room. Active with his hands and works in an effective swim move. Flashes the ability to skinny through gaps and disrupt plays. Burst to close when chasing down fleeing passers is solid. Has experience making limited drops into short coverage, which could be attractive to teams with fire zone blitzes. Didn’t have a ton of production but was able to draw extra attention from opposing lines on a handful of snaps per game.


Sort of a ‘tweener who’s smaller than you’d like your interior linemen to be, but who might not have the explosiveness and bend to play on the outside in most schemes; could potentially work as a five-technique end on a four-man line, but otherwise may be asked to either slim down or bulk up. Would like to see him fire out of his stance lower to facilitate knifing between interior linemen and into the backfield. Has some balance issues which crop up from time to time, both when attacking and when transitioning into coverage in the screen game; will occasionally get penetration but struggle to adjust and stay upright. Can be late to shed when two-gapping in the run game and looks more comfortable trying to get penetration. Still needs to develop a more creative and varied approach to rushing.


Something of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none type prospect who has played seemingly every major technique in college and who shows the functional strength, extension, lateral quickness, and motor to contribute at the pro level if a team is able to carve out a role for him within their scheme. Would be best as a supporting member on a creative, multiple defense.

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