OG Deonte Brown, Alabama (6’4”, 350)


Redshirted, then appeared in a reserve capacity the following season before earning five starts at right guard midway through the 2018 season; missed one game due to injury and two games due to suspension that season. Missed the first four games of his junior year while completing the six-game suspension from the previous year before starting eight games at right guard to close out the season. Started at the left guard position last year.


Gargantuan offensive guard who has over two years of starting experience between both guard positions for one of college football’s premier programs. Renowned not only for his size, but for his weight-room strength as well. A true mauler in the run game who engulfs and overwhelms opposing defensive linemen with his natural power. Picks up plenty of pancakes, shoving opponents to the ground to finish them; smaller defenders don’t have a chance to hold up through initial contact. Has good leg drive to move defenders off of their spots. Can win ugly by relying on his natural strength, using his body as a natural obstacle. Capable of pulling to the opposite side of the line in both the passing and running games. Can also climb to the second level and disrupt linebackers. So big it takes a cab ride to work around him. Has a good seat in pass protection, bending at the knees and playing from a wide base. Has a powerful initial punch to knock opponents off-balance. Keeps his head on a swivel and actively seeks out opponents to block.


Missed a total of seven games between 2018 and 2019 between injury and suspension. More flexible than his size would suggest but might be viewed as an inline-only option. Lapses into using his sheer mass to block, rather than getting his arms extended and his hands involved. More of a shover than someone who locks on. Can occasionally overextend himself and bend at the waist in pass protection; wider than he is long. Struggles to get out in front and lead the way in the screen game. Can be caught idling at times in the passing game. Weight may be considered an issue by some teams. Reportedly had a weak Senior Bowl performance.


A behemoth with the strength to match, but who is actually more nimble and flexible than his size would suggest. Will need to be a little bit more consistent with his technique at the next level and assuage any medical/character/weight concerns that might arise as part of the pre-draft process, but if everything checks out, looks like a possible early-round pick who can come in and dominate opposing defensive linemen in a phone booth from day one, playing in an inline scheme.

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