OT Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame (6’6”, 302)


Highly-regarded recruit who began his collegiate career behind Mike McGlinchey, redshirting in 2016 and appearing in five games in 2017 before stepping into the starting role at left tackle the following year. Has reprised that role in each of the past two seasons.


Comes three years of starting experience at a program renowned for churning out high-quality offensive line prospects. Offers solid size and length for a pro offensive tackle. Was a pretty consistent snap-to-snap pass protector over the past three seasons. Mirrors effectively while maintaining form. Gets solid depth in his kickslide to protect the edge from speed, but is also capable of pivoting back in to protect against inside moves. Able to bend his knees a little and plays from a wide base in pass protection. Fires out with both hands and gets good extension to keep defenders out of his body; overall accuracy is a plus, even when resetting. Keeps his head up and generally keeps his back straight through contact. Anchor is surprisingly solid for a player listed at just over 300 pounds. Shows a solid work rate in the run game, with good leg drive after contact. Has a pretty powerful shove and the aggressiveness to go for the kill when he has a chance. Short area quickness is adequate to climb to the second level and engage successfully. Understands positioning and can use his quickness to seal the edge effectively.


Played almost exclusively out of a two-point stance. Listed weight is a little bit on the low side but doesn’t carry his weight particularly well. Foot speed and lateral quickness are at least adequate but kickslide can look a little bit stilted at times. At times turns into a little bit of a leaner who can fall off of blocks when opponents go to their counter. Can struggle against spin moves in pass protection. More of a shover than someone who consistently drives opponents of of their spot in the run game. Can get overly aggressive and end up bending at the waist, causing him to fall off of blocks or end up on the ground. Ability to sustain in the run game is just average.


Doesn’t have elite athleticism or power, but his height, length, lateral quickness, and technique made him a very solid blindside protector in the passing game at the college level, and could allow him to stay on the blindside in the pros as well. More of a high-effort player than a phone-booth mauler in the run game, but could potentially play in either a zone or power blocking scheme.

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