WR Tamorrion Terry, Florida St.* (6’4”, 210)


Redshirted in 2017, then immediately stepped into a starting role the following year. Finished with a line of 35-744-8 (21.3), then enjoyed an even bigger year in 2019, going 60-1,188-9 (19.8), then was limited to just five games this past year, catching 23-289-1 (12.6) before declaring for the draft.


Massive wideout who checks all of the boxes from a physical standpoint. Takes snaps all over the formation, both on and off the line and both inside and outside, but almost always from the right side of the formation and usually as a split end. Able to release adequately with technique or with physicality at the line of scrimmage against press. Shows some ability to improvise when the play breaks down. Presents his quarterback with a big target, offering a wide radius and the ability to climb the ladder and win over the top of defenders. Shows good awareness of the sideline. Physical blocker who gets in his seat, extends his arms, gives good effort, and works through and sometimes after the whistle.


Route tree itself is pretty simple, consisting predominantly of getting upfield and working in hitches, curls, and back-shoulder throws off of that. Wasn’t asked to work the middle of the field very often, making a lot of outside releases. Overall speed looks just average and struggles to run past cornerbacks in man coverage; teams felt confident playing him in press-man and not getting beat deep. Not among the best in the class in terms of sinking his hips and exploding out of the route stem; consequently, doesn’t create a lot of separation even on the underneath patterns. Gets pinned to the sideline too easily by smaller cornerbacks when working his way downfield. Not a major threat to create after the catch. Can lapse into catching opponents as a blocker rather than being the aggressor. Physicality is admirable but needs to make sure he keeps his emotions in check to avoid penalties.


A big target who can come down with contested catches and jump balls, but whose lack of speed and explosiveness will make it hard for him to win against man coverage at the next level, forcing quarterbacks to trust him to win 50-50 throws. Must dedicated himself to diversifying his route tree and improving his overall route running skills, partiuclarly in terms of sinking his hips into the stem, in order to become more than a low-percentage target and reserve/rotational option.

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