DE David Ojabo, Michigan*

6’5” – 250 lbs.


Born in Nigeria, but moved to Scotland when he was seven, and the U.S. at age 17. Played sparingly over six games as a sophomore, then broke out this past season, posting a line of 35-12.0-11.0 opposite Aidan Hutchinson before declaring. Also forced five fumbles.


Takes snaps on both ends of the defense, typically out of a two-point stance. Has little experience playing football but was already highly productive this past season; development trajectory is very good. Tall, with long limbs and the frame to carry more weight. Gets good extension with his arms to lock out opponents in the run game. Plays with discipline on the end in run support, whether in terms of setting the edge or working on the backside. Nice awareness and hand usage to shed when he’s in position to make a tackle. Speed and range in pursuit are solid. Shows suddenness and quickness at the line of scrimmage to keep opponents off-balance. Mixes in different rush moves; flashes the ability to dip/rip around the edge. Nice closing burst to finish. Was asked to drop into coverage a little bit during the games reviewed; does a good job of feeling routes with his hands and shows loose hips to carry opposing tight ends down the seams.


Has just one year of tape, and it came opposite arguably the top prospect in the draft. Might need to add some more bulk to his frame. Didn’t see him playing out of many three- or four-point stances. Contact balance is still a work in progress; would like to see him sink his hips and bend his knees more to stay low. Could be more consistent about keeping his shoulders square. Quicker than he is explosive; didn’t blow past too many tackles on the edge as a rusher. Does have to gear down a little bit when coming around the edge. More variety to his rush approach than go-to moves. Would like to see more of a power element to his game; more of a read-and-react defender than someone who’s going to attack blocks and reset the line of scrimmage, or collapse the pocket with his bull-rush. Still developing his overall feel in coverage.


As it stands right now, combines a long frame with impressive quickness, good arm extension and patience in the run game, and the ability to threaten the edge in the passing game. On-field product isn’t quite as explosive, powerful, or technical as a typical first-round pick on the edge, but it looks like he might go there, as he has already produced at a high level for a major program despite his lack of experience, showing few bad habits and the potential to be something special with more development.

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