WR Jameson Williams, Alabama*

6’2” – 189 lbs.


Originally attended Ohio State, where he caught 6-112-1 (18.7) and 9-154-2 (17.1) over a combined ten games in his first and second seasons, respectively. Transferred to Alabama in 2021 and immediately stepped into the starting lineup, finishing with a monster 79-1,572-15 (19.9) line. Tore his ACL in the national championship game before declaring.


Broke out to become one of college football’s best receivers this past year. Offers an excellent combination of height and length. Lines up both inside and outside. Excellent athlete; can look like he’s gliding through his routes, but offers very good deep speed to run past opposing corners and threaten downfield. Changes speeds to release at the line of scrimmage; can get inside or outside positioning as needed. Uses hands well. Sinks his hips into the route stem and explodes out of breaks to create separation. Nice stutter-step to get open downfield. Adds window dressing at the stem where necessary. Tracks the ball very well over his shoulder. Flexibility and body control are outstanding; presents a very wide radius for his quarterback, being capable of adjusting to throws away from his frame and willing to sell out for a catch. Always a threat to take catches to the house when he has an open lane; did a ton of damage on deep and intermediate breaking routes toward the middle of the field, and the team also fed him the ball on screens and swing passes. Good effort and extension as a blocker.


Thin in the ankles and it looks like his functional strength is just adequate. Can be disrupted by physicality and knocked off of his spots. May struggle against the jam early in his career. Took snaps inside in college but may not have the frame to take too much damage over the short middle of the field at the pro level. Route tree was mostly based on a mix of deeper routes and shorter routes intended to create lanes for yards after the catch. Seeks out opponents as a stalk blocker but can look like he’s catching and riding at times. Medical evaluations on his knee will significantly affect draft stock.


Has the look of a true number-one receiver, with the size, length, explosiveness, flexibility, body control, and attention to detail to stretch the field and create big plays on both deep and shorter throws. Looked like a lock to be the first receiver selected before tearing his ACL; at this point, draft stock really just depends on how comfortable teams are with his ability to make a full recovery, and how much job security front offices and coaching staffs have going into the draft.


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