WR Khalil Shakir, Boise St.

6’0” – 190 lbs.


Played sparingly as a one-game starter in his freshman season, finishing with 16-170-1 (10.6) over ten games. Started five games the following year, stepping into a major role and finishing with 63-872-6 (13.8), then started all seven Boise St.’s games as a junior, going 52-719-6 (13.8). Made his senior season his most productive, finishing with a 77-1,117-7 (14.5) line.


 Comes with three years of quality, escalating production. Lines up all over the formation, often in the slot or tight but also split out wide. Nice quickness to release at the line. Efficient route-runner who doesn’t add too much window dressing at the stem. Sinks his hips and shows a little bit of burst out of his breaks to create separation. Some ability to improvise when the play breaks down. Impressive flexibility and body control to adjust to throws away from his frame; catch radius is wider than his size would indicate because of his overall coordination. Tracks the ball very well over his shoulder down the field. Shows the ability to come down with contested catches in tight coverage. Nice toughness to hang on through contact. Agile enough to weave through traffic and pick up yards after the catch on shallow crosses and tunnel screens, showing solid vision; was also handed off the ball fairly often for a receiver (once or twice a game.)


Size is on the borderline of what teams look for in an outside receiver; some may see him as a slot player. As a thinner receiver who was often working with generous cushions, could struggle to get off the line against the jam. Doesn’t have a ton of explosiveness or elite top-end speed; smoother than he is fast. Route tree was relatively basic in college. A little bit inconsistent; can make spectacular catches but also has the occasional focus drop. Doesn’t show a ton of physicality as a blocker, sometimes failing to sustain through the whistle; effort to line up opponents was average at best.


A three-year contributor who runs solid routes and shows the ability to make difficult catches in coverage or create with the ball in space, he could develop into a contributor at the pro level, likely as a slot receiver working the short-to-intermediate levels. However, his lack of elite physical/athletic tools may make it difficult for him to release at the line against jams or get separation downfield. Currently projected as a potential second-day pick, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he went in the fourth round or so either.


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