WR Treylon Burks, Arkansas*

6’3” – 225 lbs.


Worked his way into the offense as a freshman, posting a 29-475-0 (16.4) line before stepping into a more substantial role the following year, one in which he went 51-820-7 (16.1). Made a big impact in 2021, going 66-1,104-11 (16.7) and adding 14-112-1 on the ground before declaring for the draft.


Very big-bodied receiver with two years of high-level production under his belt; seemed like the offense was really built around getting the ball into his hands this past year. Lines up all over the formation, with a significant amount of his snaps coming from the slot; beyond that, is most commonly found outside, but takes some snaps as an H-Back as well. Very smooth movement skills, especially for a bigger receiver. Clean footwork to release at the line of scrimmage against press coverage. Nice hand use as a route-runner. Doesn’t seem bothered by contact, either when running routes, or when making contested catches down the field. Settles into soft spots in zone. Good body control to adjust to back-shoulder throws and passes away from his frame. Uses his frame effectively to shield defenders from the ball and create safe throwing lanes. Offers a very soft pair of hands and a wide radius. Able to go up and get high passes. Can be a bit of a bowling ball after the catch, punishing smaller defenders, breaking some tackles, and falling forward at the end of his runs. Has surprisingly good build-up speed for his size and can get open downfield. Works hard to stick with opponents as a blocker.


Looks like he might be carrying some excess weight. Overall explosiveness is closer to adequate; may need to run well in pre-draft workouts to solidify his draft status. Tree is fairly simple; lots of back-shoulder throws, out routes, screens, etc. would like to see more consistent attention to detail as a route-runner. Rounds off some of his patterns, instead of sinking his hips and exploding. Some manufactured production, releasing from the slot into open space cleared out by other receivers, or catching screens and swing passes. Can be grabby in the blocking game.


One of the more unique high-level receiver prospects in recent years, he’s built almost like an H-Back but has deceptive speed and smooth movement skills. Looks like the type of prospect that a younger quarterback could really lean on, given his big frame, ability to shield defenders from the ball, and soft pair of hands. Will probably come off the board somewhere in the first round.

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