CB Cam Taylor-Britt, Nebraska*

6’0” – 197 lbs.


Played quarterback in high school, then appeared in a reserve/special teams role as a freshman defensive back. Started ten of eleven games played as a sophomore, seven coming at safety, picking up 49 tackles, two interceptions (one touchdown), four breakups, and four forced fumbles. Started seven of eight games as a junior, finishing with 28 tackles, two interceptions, and four breakups, then totaled 51 tackles, one interception, and eleven breakups this past year.


Tall, well-built defender who has started at both cornerback and safety; produced in each of the three seasons he started in. Played mostly press, bail, and zone techniques in school, usually from the left side of the defense during the games reviewed. Uses his hands well to feel routes and stay connected through the stem. Uses the boundary to his advantage when defending outside releases down the sidelines. Raw speed is better than anticipated; shows the ability to play man coverage and stick with receivers on shallow crosses and over routes off of inside releases. Made a lot of plays on the ball in school; doesn’t have a seamless plant and drive, but flashes the ability to anticipate routes from off-coverage and bait quarterbacks into throws. Able to get extension and play off of blocks in the run game. Capable of delivering some big hits on ballcarriers. Still relatively new to playing on defense, so it’s possible he hasn’t approached his full potential yet.


Still a work in progress from a technical standpoint. Not the smoothest or most coordinated cornerback in this year’s class. Shuffle looks lumbering despite having plenty of reps in that technique. Some clunky transitions. Hips open too early. Susceptible to double-moves. Can grab and ride a little bit. Doesn’t always look like he trusts his reads. Can be a beat late to process route combinations from zone and recognize underneath routes developing. Generally willing to come up, but does have some missed tackles and opportunities where he can look more like an observer in the run game.


A relatively new player to the position who has the size, length, and ball skills teams look for in a pro defensive back, but who is still developing his instincts/recognition skills and needs to clean up his technique and movement to play in the pros. Might have benefited from returning to school and showing progress in those areas, but could still go somewhere on the third day, potentially as a safety conversion candidate.

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