CB Jack Jones, Arizona St.

5’10” – 175 lbs.


Five-star recruit who originally attended Southern California. Made thirteen tackles as a freshman reserve, then started all season in 2017, finishing with 40 tackles, four interceptions, and seven breakups. Was dismissed after being ruled academically ineligible in 2018, and was also arrested for breaking into a restaurant later that year. Transferred to the Sun Devils and played heavily in a reserve role the following year, posting 46 tackles, three interceptions, and twelve breakups. Appeared in just one game in 2020, then returned to post 41 tackles, three interceptions, and six breakups this past season.


Comes with three seasons of high-end production between two different programs. Was asked to play various techniques, most often zone, press-man, and man (backpedal). Technique is polished overall, with a very clean backpedal and quick transitions; shows excellent balance and footwork. Able to get physical with opponents at the line and within the first few yards of the line of scrimmage, disrupting their timing with accurate placement and good extension on his jam. Defends outside releases well by using his length and physicality to pin opponents to the boundary. Has enough speed to stick with opponents down the sidelines. Reacts quickly, plants and drives on spots well, and shows good timing to go for breakups. Made a ton of plays on the ball over his three seasons as a starter. Breaks down well in the open field, with good effort and angles in pursuit and sound wrap tackling technique. Has made a lot of progress academically and in terms of his maturity.


Size is on the low end of what teams look for on the outside; may be destined to slide into the slot. Takes some false steps in zone; can be a little bit too aggressive and end up not recognizing underneath breaking routes right away, relying on his athleticism to get back in position. Would like to see him flatten out his angles when defending deep posts; tends to drift a little bit high. Seems to have a little bit of trouble working through congestion when defending shallow crosses and other patterns of that nature. Sometimes turns all the way around instead of into opposing receivers. Needs to continue developing his functional strength and contact balance. Can struggle to hold the point of attack in the run game; some instances where physicality during the route can knock him off-balance. Willing to come up and make tackles, but doesn’t have a lot of stopping power. Occasionally flows too far toward the middle of the field in run support. Overaged, spending six years in college. Stock will be affected by how teams feel about his character.


Older and smaller than most of the other cornerback prospects in the class, but makes up for it with polished footwork, good balance, quick reaction times, impressive ball skills, and the ability to play different techniques. If teams feel comfortable with his personal development, should receive interest as a potential candidate to play in the slot at the next level.

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