CB Josh Jobe, Alabama

6’1” – 192 lbs.


Appeared in four games as a freshman, totaling eight tackles, then started two of twelve games the following year and picked up 28 tackles, one interception, and three breakups. Stepped into a full-time starting role as a junior, finishing with 55 tackles and an SEC-leading eleven breakups, then concluded his collegiate career with 38 tackles, two interceptions, and four breakups.


Two-year starter for college’s premier program. Tall, long-limbed cornerback with the size teams look for on the outside. Was asked to play press, bail, shuffle, and off coverage. Pretty good footwork to match releases at the line from press-man. Fast enough to carry opponents downfield, with what looks like solid speed. Overall flexibility is very good. Plays with a lot of physicality to disrupt opposing receivers, showing the ability to disrupt routes and use his length to pin opponents to the sidelines with his length. Feels routes developing with his hands. Processes route combinations effectively from off coverage; can feel routes developing underneath early. Teams really respected him and didn’t look his way often during the games reviewed. Attacks blocks with aggression and isn’t afraid to stick his nose in and deliver hits on opposing ballcarriers. Has a special-teams background.


Would have liked to see what his footwork looked like from the right side more often. Some wasted motion to his movements. Not the most accurate with his jam at the line. Footwork on his backpedal is not quite as polished as it should be. More flexible than explosive. Not the twitchiest cornerback; shows some disconnect at the route stem, opening up timing-based throws. Could flatten out more against short slants and other inside breaking routes. Only intercepted three passes over his career, although he wasn’t targeted too much during the games reviewed. Needs to improve his tackling technique; lapses into hitting too often, leading to glancing blows or missed tackles.


A tall, long, flexible cornerback who plays the game with physicality and was asked to use plenty of different techniques in school, he has the potential to develop into a starting cornerback, although there are still some inefficiencies to his movement and elements of his technique that are not quite as polished as they should be. Significantly, he will have to become a consistent form tackler, breaking his bad habit of launching himself at opponents. Looks like he might be able to find his way into the third round or so.

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