CB Mario Goodrich, Clemson

6’0” – 190 lbs.


Spent his first two seasons at Clemson as a reserve, totaling twenty tackles and five breakups. Started four games of the 2020 season, finishing with 16 tackles, two interceptions, and a breakup, then stepped into a full-time starting role this past year opposite Andrew Booth Jr., replacing 2020 first-round pick A.J. Terrell and finishing with 43 tackles, two interceptions (one touchdown), and ten breakups.


Has solid size and good length for a pro cornerback. Played both field side and short side during the games reviewed, but mostly the latter. Brings a high level of intensity, physicality, and toughness to the game; coaches should fall in love with his temperament. Was asked to play a lot of different techniques. Quick feet to match releases at the line. Can get physical at the line of scrimmage to disrupt timing. Gets his hands on receivers to stay glued on inside breaking routes. Uses the sideline to his advantage when defending outside releases on the boundary. Was able to carry receivers down the sidelines during the games reviewed. Looks explosive when driving on a spot. Got his hands on a lot of passes in his first year as a starter. Processes routes well from zone. Good feel for screens developing underneath. Physical attacking blocks in the run game, maintaining outside leverage to funnel. Willing to come up and make tackles.


A senior with only one year of starting experience and has some elements of his technique to clean up; rotated off the field during the games reviewed. A little bit leggy and plays with a very wide base. Looks like he has too much weight over his toes when backpedaling. Can get grabby at the route stem. Could be penalty-prone due to his physicality down the field. Sits on some of the underneath routes in zone. Sometimes doesn’t look like he fully trusts his instincts. Doesn’t appear to have elite recovery speed to get back in phase when he misses his jam. Some teams might ask him to add more functional strength.


Got stuck behind a couple of the best cornerback prospects in recent years, but is a legitimate prospect in his own right, combining solid size, plenty of energy and physicality, and above-average athleticism, traits which could make him an appealing project for a team which can encourage him to trust his instincts and which thinks they can clean up his technique a little bit. Might be best in a man-based scheme which likes their corners to get physical at the line.

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