DB Jaquan Brisker, Penn St.

6’1” – 200 lbs.


Originally attended Lackawanna College, transferring to Penn St. after one season. Has been a significant contributor ever since: picked up 32 tackles, two interceptions, and three breakups in 2019; 57 tackles, one interception, and six breakups as a redshirt junior; and 64 tackles, two interceptions, and five breakups this past season.


Well-built safety who has three years of production for a major program. Was asked to do a little bit of everything in college, playing down in the box, working in more of a robber/underneath role, and manning deep zones, in relatively that order of frequency. Plus toughness, physicality, and motor. Plays with a nice blend of patience and urgency; reads keys quickly and flows well to the ball. Does a very good job of working through trash to get to the ball as a box safety, with good extension, active hands, and impressive functional strength. Pursuit angles are efficient. Holds up surprisingly well against blocks and shows the ability to shed when needed. Big hitter who shows explosiveness into contact and can help set the tone defensively. Never passes up an opportunity to deliver a hit. Keeps the play in front of him when working in underneath zones. Able to carry receivers down the seams; pretty nice transitions when turning and running. Uses hands well to disrupt/feel routes in coverage. Pretty solid on-ball production.


Wasn’t really asked to play single-high during the games reviewed, and may not have the range for that as a pro. More likely to jog into depth in zones than to use appropriate backpedal form. Occasional balance issues when transitioning from backpedaling to driving. May not be one of the most flexible safeties in the class. Didn’t see him working much in man coverage against opposing tight ends. Can get caught up in traffic when working in coverage. More missed tackles than his strength/physicality would suggest; lapses into hitting. Will be 23 by draft day.


One of the toughest defensive backs in this year’s class, he is fast enough to stick with receivers down the seams when shaded over the slot, but does most of his work in the box, where he shows good instincts, the ability to work through blocks to flow to the ball, and the physicality and explosiveness to punish runners with big hits. Ultimately, draft stock will depend in large part on how valuable teams think that specific skillset is in the modern game. Looks like he might be off the board within the first couple of rounds.

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