DB Lewis Cine, Georgia*

6’1” – 200 lbs.


Started the last two of fourteen games played as a 185-pound freshman, finishing with 19 tackles, one interception, and two passes defensed. Started all ten games the following year, picking up 52 tackles and three breakups, then bulked up for his junior year and put together a season of 73 tackles, one interception, and nine breakups.


Comes with two years of starting experience for one of college football’s premier programs. Nice combination of height and length. Was often asked to line up over an opposing slot receiver, but also took snaps as a high safety, sometimes in single-high but usually in cover-two. Overall speed and range are very good. Excellent physicality and toughness as a downhill safety; loves to come up and punish opposing runners. Reads keys quickly and flows well to the ball. Looks fast when closing, with some explosiveness into contact; hard hitter who can help set the tone defensively. Can hit and wrap high to stop ballcarriers. Has quick feet to get depth in his backpedal. Has a good feel for plays developing underneath. Clean transitions from backpedaling to driving. Flips hips well to carry receivers down the seam, using his hands to feel routes. Made a lot of plays on the ball this past year. Very well-suited to a special-teams role.


Combination of physical style of play and thinner frame may lead to injuries; has added bulk since arriving at Georgia but may need another ten pounds or so. Temperamentally speaking, looks more comfortable playing downhill than in deep zones; didn’t get too many snaps in cover-one. Backpedal can look a little bit uncoordinated at times. Can get sucked up toward the line of scrimmage in coverage. At times, turns all the way around instead of into breaks when shaded over an opposing receiver. Didn’t see him working in man coverage against opposing tight ends often during the games reviewed. Physicality may lead to flags down the field on passing downs. Doesn’t have enough sand in his pants to hold the point when taking on blockers as a box safety.


A very likable prospect who offers an excellent combination of anticipation, diagnostic skills, speed, and physicality, often being one of the first defenders on his team to read a play and flying up to deliver big hits. However, also has the athletic profile to turn and run down the seams with opposing slot receivers or to do some work in cover-two. Has starting potential if he can stay healthy.


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