DL Jordan Davis, Georgia

6’6” – 340 lbs.


Started four of eleven games played as a freshman, finishing with 25-1.5-1.5, then eight of fourteen the following year (18-4.5-2.5). Started seven of ten as a junior (16-1.0-1.0) and all but one game of this past season, his most productive campaign (30-4.5-2.0); also rushed in a touchdown.


Gargantuan defensive lineman with extensive starting experience and a favorable trajectory; Georgia’s defensive efficiency was much higher with him on the field. Typically lines up as a one-technique. Draws a lot of attention from opposing offensive lines and is capable of digging in at the line of scrimmage against double-teams. For a player with his size, has pretty impressive quickness; has some suddenness out of his stance and the ability to shuffle over into neighboring gaps. Quick feet relative to his size. Does a good job of keeping his head up and locking out opponents to locate and flow toward the ball; overall instincts and positioning are impressive. Consistently plays at the line of scrimmage or in the opposing backfield. Has a powerful straight-arm to walk back opposing blockers with one arm. Able to make tackles while engaged. Heavy hands to shed. Nice short-area quickness and radius to finish when in position. Not a sideline-to-sideline player, but can push through the line and sling down ballcarriers in the backfield on stretch plays. Generates some push with his bull rush in the passing game and shows a very impressive closing burst when he has a clear lane.


Only played around three hundred snaps this past year, which is much lower than teams would like when considering someone as a potential first-round pick. Would like to see him play more zero-technique in odd fronts, given that it’s probably his most likely role at the next level. Typically not the first player to react to the ball being snapped. Can have some issues with pad level due to his height; gets a little bit too upright out of his stance. Plays a little over his toes at times. Leg drive can be a little bit inconsistent.


Rare size, excellent instincts, impressive functional strength in his upper- and lower-body, effective hand use, and underrated range/quickness should make him a dominant nose tackle at the pro level, whether in an even or odd defensive front. As it currently stands, looks to be one of the first interior linemen off the board. Could go in the first round as long as teams think his outsized impact is enough to make up for the limited snaps he’ll likely be on the field for.


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