OG Darian Kinnard, Kentucky

6’5” – 345 lbs.


Started two of nine games at left tackle as a freshman, then took over the starting right tackle job the following year, concluding his career with thirty-nine consecutive starts, almost all of which came on the right side.


Three-year starter who played against a high level of competition. Has one of the thickest frames you’ll find in a draft prospect. Temperament and competitiveness are impressive. Plays the game with a lot of toughness and power, working hard to stay with his blocks through the whistle. Can overwhelm opponents at the point of attack. Generally keeps his feet going after contact. Nasty finisher who likes to put opponents in the dirt. Can disrupt opponents at the second level by virtue of his sheer size. Able to rely on his size to win dirty. Has such a wide frame that it’s able to compensate for his athletic deficiencies. Very difficult to bull-rush when he has a stable base; lower-body strength is very good. Gets good extension when absorbing opposing bull-rushers. Able to reset his hands well.


Listed height is on the fringe of what teams find acceptable in a tackle, so Combine measurements may be important. A potential guard conversion candidate who spent his collegiate career playing tackle. Looks lumbering in space; inline-only prospect. Has trouble getting low enough to win the leverage battle, and pad level rises early. Will lower his head and bend at the waist, causing him to fall off of blocks. Hunches his back in pass protection. Footwork can be sloppy in his pass sets, struggling to maintain his form while getting enough depth to protect the edge. Need to sell out to defend the speed rush can make him susceptible to inside moves. Doesn’t always have a stable base under him in pass pro, causing him to drop a later anchor than he should. Doesn’t offer much range in the screen game.


Plays the game with the physicality, toughness, and killer instinct teams look for in the position, but should be a polarizing prospect nonetheless; whether or not he appeals to teams will depend on whether they ask their linemen to maul in a phone booth, or whether they favor quickness, range, and technique. Tape didn’t look very pretty during the games reviewed, but sliding inside to guard could mask a lot of his athletic deficiencies as long as he’s able to keep his pad level low and isn’t asked to cover much ground.

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