OG Jamaree Salyer, Georgia

6’3” – 320 lbs.


Started a couple of games in 2019, but mostly appeared in a reserve role for his first couple of seasons, before starting nine games at left tackle and the team’s bowl game at left guard in 2020. Missed four games and most of a fifth with injury this past year, but started eleven games at left tackle and played some right guard as well.


Comes with two years of starting experience for a major program, with games at both tackle at guard. Has impressive bulk and length; arms measured 34” at the Senior Bowl. Plays the game with physicality, aggression, and energy. A better athlete than his weight would indicate; looks good working in space in the run or screen games, both in terms of his overall movement skills and in terms of his work rate. Flexibility is above-average. Generates a lot of power on contact; can overwhelm with his initial punch. Nice killer instinct to finish opponents when he’s in position. Plays from his seat, with adequate knee-bend and a controlled kickslide in pass protection. Places his hands early and uses his length well; nice reset. Drops a pretty early anchor and can absorb power.


Came in under 6’3” in Mobile, so not many teams will likely consider him as a tackle prospect. More powerful on contact than he is someone who shows excellent ability to sustain. Can get disconnected or fall off of blocks when trying to play outside of his frame. Overall positioning is still a little bit of a work in progress, especially on the move. Could gear down at times to line up defenders more cleanly in space. Lateral quickness in pass protection is closer to average. Some tendency to lower his head in pass pro. Missed time due to injury this past year.


A bit of a tough evaluation in that he was mostly playing out of position in a demanding college offense that had him doing a lot of work in space, but who shows a lot of the traits teams look for in an offensive lineman, with impressive bulk, power, physicality, and effort. Will almost certainly be asked to slide inside to guard at the pro level, where his lack of size will be better-masked and he’ll be able to focus on what he does best. Was asked to execute plenty of zone concepts in college and could potentially do that in the pros, but might be best in a power scheme.

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