OT Andrew Stueber, Michigan

6’7” – 338 lbs.


Started two of eleven games played at right tackle as a sophomore, then sustained a season-ending injury during training camp the following year. Started all six games Michigan played in 2020, two coming at right guard and the other four coming at right tackle, then reprised his starting role at the right tackle position this past season to conclude his collegiate career.


Gargantuan offensive lineman who comes with around two years of starting experience for a highly respected program, a couple of games which came inside. Despite his size, was actually asked to secure a fair amount of blocks in space, whether laterally or in terms of climbing. Overall coordination and balance are surprisingly good. Places his hands well. Nice leg drive after contact to generate movement. Stamina and work rate are both good, especially for his size. So big he’s able to swallow some opponents and pick up easy pancakes. Lateral quickness is better than his size would suggest; does a pretty good job of getting depth to protect the edge while maintaining his form. Nice arm extension and accurate hand placement to ride defenders wide of the pocket. Easily absorbs power, with a ton of lower-body strength; doesn’t get jolted/knocked off-balance by opponents. Recovers pretty well and can win ugly if needed.


A little bit less experience than is typical for a fifth-year senior. Might need to drop his weight a little bit; doesn’t carry it particularly well. Not the most explosive player. Doesn’t generate quite as much movement in a phone booth as his size would suggest; can be more of a wall-off blocker at times. Ends up on the ground a little bit too often, particularly when working in congestion. Kickslide can look mechanical instead of fluid. Too many snaps where he’s leaning on the inside shoulder instead of mirroring against speed. Could be considered too tall to slide inside to guard.


A prospect whose size is somewhat misleading in that he isn’t quite the mauler anticipated, but looks lighter on his feet and has more body control and range than is typical for a player so big. Could receive interest as either a right tackle or as a guard prospect, likely in an inline/power scheme; overall skillset may be a little bit better-suited to a move back inside, where he wouldn’t have to cover as much ground in pass protection.

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